Jan Heine dagen september 2021

Group of people playing together for three or four days. Everyday another ensemble, another piece. No coaching involved. Just for fun.

This time september 10-12, 2021 in Akoesticum, Ede, Netherlands.

Friday september 10, I will be playing the

String Quartet no.3 op.106 Willink Tetraptych, by Lex van Delden


  1. Ant-eaters – Senza Rigore
  2. The superfluous witnesses – Furioso
  3. Mrs Fopma – Con Tenerezza
  4. The eternal scream – Violento

The string quartet by Lex van Delden was commissioned to accompany four paintings by the Dutch painter Carel Willink. That explaines the names of the four movements. Click on the names of the movements to see the paintings.

Saturday september 11, I will be playing the

Suite pour 4 violoncelles sur quelques thèmes de l’opéra de Rossini: Guillaume Tell (arr. J. J. Rijkmans: , nov. 1973)

The event is finished.

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